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Those following @MouthTapedShut on Twitter know that it ties into David Fincher’s upcoming adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Behind-the-scenes photos from the production and invites to see that 8-minute teaser clip in designated cities originated on this Twitter feed. Now, it appears to be the launch pad for an interactive, viral treasure hunt that’s expanding to WhatIsHiddenInSnow.com.

Following clues posted online, Geoff McCarthy (@GeoffMcCarthy on Twitter) located one of the framed, dried photo displays that are sent to Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer) every year that his niece, Harriet, remains missing.

The search kicked of when the word “lust” was added to the URL for WhatIsHiddenInSnow.com. It revealed a photo of a location in the Bunker Hill neighborhood of Los Angeles, with the words “taped behind.”

Mentorless.com arrived at the site after McCarthy already had claimed the prize. He ran a photo of Fincher’s signature on a card that promises this is flower No. 2 of 40.

Here’s McCarthy, holding his prize in a photo he posted on his Twitter page.

So the game is afoot. Where will Sony’s viral marketing team strike next? We’ve got 38 more cities to potentially receive flowers, and clues no doubt will begin on MouthTapedShut’s Twitter feed. So if you aren’t following, and checking hourly, you’re likely to be left out on the Swedish cold.