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Last year, prior to the release of David Fincher's The Social Network, it was clear that the folks behind the soundtrack knew exactly what they had. I say this with absolute confidence because 13 days before the film hit theaters on October 1, 2010, a five-track sampler of the soundtrack was released for free public download. The film's music, of course, went on to win Best Original Score at the Academy Awards, delivering Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross their first Oscars. Now over a year has passed and as we once again wait for another Reznor-Ross scored Fincher film, a preview of the music has once again become available, only this year's version of the promotion is somehow even better than the last.

Earlier tonight Trent Reznor sent out a Tweet with a link that read, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack info here: http://www.nin.com/?id=102677 New free music available right now." As good as that sounds, however, the reality is even better. Clicking on that link will deliver you to a page that has an huge number of absolutely incredible options. The first is a link that will take you to a page that allows you to download the The Slip, Nine Inch Nails' 2008 album, completely free of charge.

The next option is a link that will open iTunes and take you to the store where you pre-order The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. While this may sound like a pretty standard thing, the trick is that pre-ordering the album begins an immediate download of "The Immigrant Song," the full-version of the Led Zeppelin song arranged by Reznor and Ross for the film's first teaser trailer with vocals by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O (believe me when I say that it's absolute bliss). On this pre-order page you will also find a video link, which plays the eight minute trailer that select audiences got to watch back in September. It does appear that the video cannot be downloaded (and it appears to be censored), but that's of little consequence as it's available without purchase.

Last but far from least, is a link to a page where you can download a six-track sampler (told you it managed to improve on the Social Network deal) of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. I'm not sure how long these deals will last (it could be forever), so it's in your best interest to act swiftly. With that final bit of information, I will no longer hold your hand. Click the links, download the music, and make your life that much better.