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SA Studios Global’s Film Marketing Division, Quentin Tarantino, Upper Playground and The Weinstein Company joined forces to create The Art of Inglourious Basterds. The group summoned 12 artists to come up with their own version of a Basterds poster and the results are mesmerizing. Now this is what promotional material should look like!

I wouldn’t call these pieces living room friendly, but they are beautifully unique renderings. There’s loads of blood, scalps, stray limbs, black and white images and others brimming with color making for a profoundly diverse assortment. Check out my favorite of the bunch below and to see the lot, head over to Unfortunately, the time to see the artwork in person has passed. There was a gallery viewing back in February during which the general public had the opportunity to purchase limited edition prints. You may have missed your chance, but at least the proceeds went to a good cause, the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

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