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Over the last 16 years we’ve had to deal with the fact that the last big screen Godzilla film was the terrible Roland Emmerich movie from 1998, but this May that streak will finally be coming to an end. Director Gareth Edwards, who broke out a few years ago with the low budget sci-fi film Monsters, is finally bringing the legendary beast back to theaters, and everything we’ve seen so far has given us high hopes for what he has produced… including the brand new footage that was shown this afternoon during the Warner Bros. presentation at CinemaCon.

Beginning in some kind of plant, the footage opened with Sandra Brody (Juliette Binoche) putting on a biohazard suit to investigate some kind of breach with a team. While she is handling the situation, however, we then see her husband Joe (Bryan Cranston) looking at some figures and discovering something is horribly wrong. He quickly runs to go try and help Sandra, but by the time he arrives it is too late. He comes to a hallway that is quickly filling with a toxic gas cloud, and with tears in his eyes he closes the door in order to save himself and the rest of the plant – presumably dooming his wife in the process.

After a few quick clips that we’ve seen from the trailer – including Joe’s speech about the truth being hidden from the public, Daisuke Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) talking about the arrogance of man, and various scenes of destruction – the next extended sequence began on the beach of what looked like a Pacific island where a young girl wearing a lei was staring at the ocean. All of a sudden the waves start to get bigger and bigger and panic starts to spread around the beach as alarms start blaring. Cutting to the city, we see a huge tsunami come pouring in between skyscrapers, with people in the streets panicking, running over cars and screaming. When the metropolis is entirely flooded under what looks like 20 feet of water, a military troop on top of a building launches flares into the sky and reveal the chest of the King of the Monsters: Godzilla.

From there the footage once again went back to showing off clips we’ve seen from the trailer, including the airplane jump that was featured in the teaser a few months back(though it is revealed that Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Ford Brody, Joe’s son, is one of the jumpers):

As for Godzilla itself, the monster was still kept in the shadows for most of the clip – just like in all of the marketing materials thus far – but the final shot of the reel did feature the beast roaring into the camera behind a cloud of smoke.

The footage for Godzilla didn’t reveal quite as much new stuff as some of the other films that have been previewed this week at CinemaCon, but the movie still remains one of my most highly-anticipated blockbusters of the summer. If it can actually deliver on all the excitement that the marketing has created thus far, we could be in for something really fantastic.

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