The release for The Muppets is a mere stone's throw away and the lovable creatures are looking to spread awareness about their film the same way everyone does these days--Facebook. Jim Henson’s creations are petitioning viewers to ‘like’ them on the popular social networking site with the lofty goal of landing One Bazillion likes before the film’s release in the first ever Muppets Fan-a-thon, and I think they can do it.

Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen everybody’s favorite diva Ms. Piggy followed by Kermit each asking for your clicks, and now ComingSoon has gotten their hands on the video of Gonzo suggesting we click the little blue thumbs up. Check it out below.

The video also features Pepe the shrimp, making this easily the best of these videos so far as he and Gonzo have always been my favorites. The Muppets are inching their way towards their bazillion goal having just passed the one million mark, but there’s still a long way to go, depending on whose version of “bazillion” you’re going with. Show your support by heading over to The MuppetsFacebook page and liking not just the main page, but the pages of all the characters and even OK Go if you feel so inclined. It all contributes to the goal.

Plus, if they do hit their goal of one bazillion likes, they’ll reveal locations where we’ll be able to go and see the film early. Now who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Head on over and participate in the Fan-a-thon, make Kermit happy, and be part of something special.

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