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Writer/director Jeremy Saulnier found a lot of eyes on him after his 2013 film Blue Ruin turned a lot of critic's heads - and it looks like he's going to impress us even further with his follow-up. The debut red band trailer for Green Room has arrived online, and I guarantee that it's going to raise your pulse. Check it out!
For his third feature film, Saulnier has assembled an impressive lineup of stars, and each of them get their own moments of screen time in the tense, gripping trailer. Anton Yelchin plays the lead character, Pat, a member of a punk band that winds up playing a venue largely populated by white supremacists. After the end of their show, Pat winds up witnessing a murder, and he and his bandmates (a group that includes Imogen Poots and Alia Shawkat) find themselves trapped in the green room backstage. Knowing that it won't be long until the violent individuals get into the room and kill them, the protagonists arm themselves with what they can and prepare for a fight.

You probably noticed that the lead antagonist of the film is played by none other than the legendary Patrick Stewart, and he's honestly the reason why I'm most excited to see Green Room. The man always has such a commanding presence, but more often than not we see him using that authority as one of the good guys. I have high expectations for his role as a neo-Nazi who wants to kill a room full of twenty-somethings.

Green Room actually made its premiere last year at the Cannes Film Festival, and has spent the last few mounts bouncing to festivals all around the world. The film earned some tremendous buzz during that tour, getting positive reviews left and right, and now A24 is finally ready to unleash it upon the world. Starting on April 15th, the film will be arriving in theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and a few weeks later on April 29th (the weekend before the official start of the summer blockbuster season), the movie will be getting a wide release in cinemas nationwide.

If Green Room wasn't on your radar before, hopefully it is now. And while you wait to see it in April, I would highly recommend that all of you give Blue Ruin a watch in preparation (it's currently available for streaming on Netflix). It's definitely a slow burn, and it isn't exactly what you would call dialogue-heavy, but it's also a tremendously powerful and beautifully shot revenge film. It also happens to feature Eve Plumb (Jan from the original Brady Bunch) and Devin Ratray (Buzz from Home Alone), and I bet you never expected those two people to be in the same movie.