Greta Gerwig Joins Rebecca Miller For NYC Romantic Comedy Maggie's Plan

The hearts of a million mumblecore fans – don’t call them that! – skip a beat every time actress Greta Gerwig gets attached to a role in a film, and almost certainly stopped for two beats once she signed on for yet another Noah Baumbach movie, this one a currently untitled future project. Gerwig will next star in the upcoming film from The Private Lives of Pippa Lee director Rebecca Miller, a filmmaker who has an affectionate fanbase of her own.

The film is called Maggie’s Plan, and Miller described it to Deadline as a romantic comedy of manners that will tell "the story of a young woman and the joys and pitfalls of trying to make your own way in New York City." I’d like to get a poll on who groaned louder after I read that.

This poll is no longer available.

But seriously, if anybody can put a fresh and dramatically relevant spin on the age-old tale of a young woman in New York, it’s Miller, the daughter of legendary playwright Arthur Miller and the husband of Academy Award winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis. Miller, who also directed 2005’s incestuously opaque drama The Ballad of Jack and Rose, recently published her second novel, the period comedy Jacob’s Folly.

As she did for her four other features, Miller will be writing the screenplay for Maggie’s Plan, based on a story given to her by publishing editor Karen Renaldi, who told the director about an unpublished novel she’d written that contained the central narrative.

Gerwig, who got her start in the Joe Swanberg films LOL and Hannah Takes the Stairs, has made a career out of films that don’t get huge releases. Both of her bigger films, 2011’s Arthur remake and Ivan Reitman’s romantic comedy No Strings Attached, have been dwarfed in critical acclaim by another film about a New York woman, Baumbach’s Frances Ha, which earned Gerwig her first Golden Globe nomination. She is currently filming Mia Hansen-Løve’s French Touch electronica drama Eden, and will soon get into Barry Levinson’s sexually-driven drama The Humbling opposite Al Pacino. Yikes on that one.

I wasn’t nearly as big on Frances Ha as the majority of the Internet’s critical universe, but it was still an okay way to spend 86 minutes. Laugh along if you can with the trailer below.

Miller said she will continue casting the lead roles throughout the month and will kick the New York production off in the fall.

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