After going big on his last few projects, director David Gordon Green recently, and secretly, shot a small comedy called Prince Avalanche. It was just last week we were discussing directors who should return to their pasts and with Green remaking Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson's Á annan veg (Either Way), it sounds like he may have heeded our advice. Okay, I doubt he was listening, but the (largely) two character dramedy about a couple of highway maintenance men, played by the excellent pair of Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, could finally be that return to form.

And the news that fellow Austin artists, rock group Explosions in the Sky, would be scoring Prince Avalanche doesn't hurt either since all their previous collaborations with the director came early in his career. In the middle of Explosions recent interview with Consequence of Sound, guitarist Munaf Rayani revealed that the band has agreed to score DGG's new film while on break from their busy tour schedule. Rayani said, “It’s pretty serendipitous that I am speaking to you now... We will be scoring his latest film Prince Avalanche. This particular picture is going to be exceptionally beautiful in that we’re making it with friends of ours.”

By friends, he's not just talking about the director but also musician David Wingo, with whom they will compose the score. The musicians just shared the stage at a show in Austin on Friday. Wingo records under the name Ola Podrida and, like Explosions, has also provided music for Green’s past films, scoring most of the director's early work right from George Washington (as well as all of Green's buddy Jeff Nichol's flicks). Green used songs by Explosions in the Sky for All the Real Girls and near the end of Snow Angels. The band has also done other film work, providing the now memorable soundtrack for Friday Night Lights.

Okay, so I know I'm not the only one who's been itching to see the Austin born filmmaker return to his indie roots, and Prince Avalanche may be just the ticket (all signs so far suggest yes), but I don't want to get too excited since The Sitter was also a pretty small, announced affair and don't get me started on that sorry excuse for a comedy. But I do still have faith in Green's ability to produce a film of quality, especially since he's pairing with both Rudd and Hirsch as well as Explosions and Wingo. The final piece of insurance? Watch the trailer for the Icelandic original below, substitute the actors and Green's beautiful portraits of rural Texas. I'm in.

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