It’s a well known fact the the Muppets inspire happiness. In fact, doctors may be missing an easy cure for depression when they can easily prescribe patients to take two episodes of The Muppet Show and call them in the morning. Jim Henson’s creations are joy incarnate, and I don’t mind saying that anyone who doesn’t agree with me needs to have their wires checked.

With The Muppets set to once again take theaters by storm on November 23rd, has gotten their hands on some character posters featuring a few of your favorites. They aren’t complicated, but they don’t need to be. They’re simple and fun just like their subjects. Check out two of them below, and click over there for the full set.

It’s silly to think that characters made out of the same material you wear to keep your feet warm can warm your heart as well, but as you can see from these images that their smile is enough to make you smile. Just look at Animal and try to not be happy. It’s not possible. Even looking at Beaker’s constant exasperation will make you laugh. These are timeless, untouchable characters and we can’t be more excited to see them brought back to the big screen, especially by someone as loving of the characters and as talented as Jason Segel.

If all goes well, The Muppets will breathe new life into these characters who have been woefully neglected since The Muppets Wizard of Oz in 2005. November 23rd will be a big day for not just youngsters, but for the kid inside all of us that grew up loving Kermit and his gang, and we simply can not wait.

And just in case you missed it, here's the excellent Girl with the Dragon Tattoo spoof trailer and poster for The Muppets.

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