Hazel And Gus' Fault In Our Stars Amsterdam Bench Has Disappeared

There are certain movie props that become instantly iconic. For fans of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars and the feature adaptation that followed, the bench that sat near the Leidsdegracht was likely to be a must-visit spot for those who managed to make a trip to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, fans won't be able to visit that specific bench anymore, as the green bench has disappeared.

In The Fault in our Stars, lead characters Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) make a trip to Amsterdam to visit the author of a book they both love. It's during that trip that Hazel and Gus have a very serious conversation, which takes place on that bench by the canal. Without getting into specifics, for those who haven't seen the movie or read Green's book yet, the scene ranks highly among the key moments for Hazel and Gus's relationship, so it's understandable that fans would want to visit the spot to have their picture taken or just sit, enjoy the view, smile and/or cry.. According to THR, the bench is no longer there and it may have been missing for as long as a month before it was brought to the city's attention.

As THR points out, the green bench looks just like many other benches scattered around the city of Amsterdam. Its disappearance may not have been noticed because someone placed a large flower pot on the spot where it used to be. At this point, it's unknown if the bench was stolen or simply taken away for repairs by the city. Regardless, sounds like the city plans to replace the bench at some point during the coming weeks, assuming they have a replacement in stock. But those hoping to sit on the exact bench where Hazel and Gus sat together are out of luck, which is a shame.

Not a shame is the attention The Fault in our Stars may be bringing to another Amsterdam tourist attraction. According to spokeswoman Annemarie Bekker, visitors at the historical Anne Frank House museum have asked about the film. Unfortunately for fans, visitors of the museum aren't permitted to enter the attic, which is the location of another big moment for Hazel and Gus.

John Green finished writing The Fault in our Stars while living in Amsterdam, and scenes for the movie were actually filmed in the city, so it's understandable that hardcore fans of the book would want to make a trip to the city to visit key locations related to the book and movie. Unfortunately, fans looking for a photo opportunity at the actual bench may be out of luck, unless it turns up somewhere. Maybe it will.

Kelly West
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