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Henry Selick doesn't have a whole lot on his resume, but you surely recognize the name. Despite his unintentional creation of the biggest Hot Topic trend to ever reach your local mall, Selick gave us one of the most beloved Christmas films of all time, A Nightmare Before Christmas. Followed up by box office failure but fan-loved James and the Giant Peach, Selick was kept away from his preferred stop-motion medium until last year when he directed the Oscar-nominated Coraline. And due to that success, Disney/Pixar has hired the director onto their staff, according to Variety.

The deal so far is for four films, but if success reaches any of them, and with Pixar on board it definitely will, that number is likely to expand. Instead of directing Pixar's trademark computer animated films, Selick will be sticking to stop-motion in hopes to inspire more films to use the arduous but beautiful film making technique.

Selick started out working at the Disney Animation Studios back in the 70's so this return home for him is bringing his career full circle, reuniting him not only with a brilliant team of animators and film makers, but with friends. James and the Giant Peach took 2D and stop-motion out of the equation for a while, but the resurgence of the medium last year and the success of both Coraline and The Fantastic Mr. Fox have breathed life into this style of film. With Selick at the helm, the results will surely be spectacular.

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