Hide and Seek Alternate End

Since I’m the guy who reviewed Hide and Seek for CinemaBlend.com, this story really caught my eye.

If you’ve been keeping up with our news section like you should, last week you would have noticed a story about the great lengths Fox went to in order to keep Hide and Seek’s ending under wraps. They even went so far as to ship the ending to theaters on a separate reel. It smacked of a cheap publicity stunt, so I guess it’s no surprise that Fox isn’t done playing for publicity.

According to Dark Horizons, for the international release of the film they’re going to screw with the ending even further. In Australia (and possibly other places) there will be two different endings, one shone at half the theaters and one shown at the other half. Apparently the change will be in the very final minutes since they describe the two endings as either involving a picture or a mental institution. The picture is the original ending and really has nothing at all to do with the big twist, so presumably neither would the mental institution. In other words, it’s just a slick marketing ploy to get people talking about their movie. It works.