There are a whole ton of characters in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and since most of them are dwarves covered in tons of facial hair, you're probably going to be struggling to tell them all apart. Luckily The Hobbit is in the middle of ramping up a massive marketing campaign, and how better to grab attention for your giant cast and their many different beards than by releasing character posters for every single one of them. Well, OK, that's not entirely fair-- Cate Blanchett is featured as Galadriel the elf, and she has no facial hair. Ditto for Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins, and probably for Gollum, though I seem to remember him having a stray chin whisker or two.

Anyway, the character posters that surfaced at the Russian site Kino Gallery may actually be familiar to you-- they were featured on the showroom floor at San Diego Comic Con back in July, and we snapped photos of them back then. Now they're online in much clearer formats, so take a look at a few below, and click on them to see the full collection in our Blend Film Database:

Somewhat shockingly, it's already November, which means that the thrum of the holiday movie season is already upon us. And while a couple of the biggest movies have been seen already, like Life of Pi and Lincoln, a good number of the others are still remaining totally mysterious-- including The Hobbit. Few doubt that it will be a major holiday hit when it opens December 14, but it's unclear if it will have the kind of massive success that the Lord of the Rings films did when they opened nearly a decade ago. Obviously The Hobbit is a major event movie for the kinds of film fanatics who read this site-- we used to be called Film Hobbit, after all!-- but is it going to be a big deal for everybody else? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

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