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New Hobbit Banner Has All Of The Dwarves By Name

We've gotten a lot of up-close looks at the dwarves of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey recently, but let's be honest: they're a bunch of rugged-looking dudes with giant beards, and can be really, really hard to tell apart from each other. Unlike the Lord of the Rings films, which followed a motley band of dwarves, elves, hobbits, wizards and humans on a journey to get rid of the One Ring, The Hobbit is about our hero Bilbo (Martin Freeman), Gandalf the wizard (Ian McKellen) and then a bunch of dwarves-- which means that especially in those sweeping landscape shots you know Peter Jackson will use, it's going to be hard to tell everyone apart.

Which is why this new banner for the film, which surfaced at IMPA, ought to come in handy. All the dwarves are featured and named, which means you can use it as a cheat sheet between now and the film's December release. Take a look below and click for a larger version (the very largest is available at IMPA).

I remain a little mystified by Kili, who looks like he's wandered straight off the set of Gossip Girl- how can you even maintain that kind of artful stubble when you're trekking through Middle Earth in search of a dragon? He'll at least be easy to tell apart from the others, which is more than i can say for Thorin Oakenshield, who is the leader of the pack and clearly has that rugged hero thing going for him, but is also saddled with all the beard and fur that will make him hard to distinguish.

But then again, we've got three movies to spend with these characters-- we're got plenty of time to learn all their names. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey comes to theaters on December 14, and you can click here to see many more images from it.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend