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The Hobbit Trailer May Debut Before Adventures Of Tintin Next Month

Those of you who are anxiously awaiting the trailer for The Hobbit may have only to wait until December 23rd for it to make its debut. Elijah Wood sounds fairly certain about the stateside premiere of the trailer for the film, which is based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s beloved classic The Hobbit.

Digital Spy posted the video below, which is part of an interview featuring Wood as part of the promotions for Happy Feet 2. In it, he speaks a bit about revisiting the Lord of the Rings franchise and “stepping back into time” to work on The Hobbit. The film, which is set before the time when Wood’s character Frodo was tasked to take that problematic ring off to Mordor, is expected to be released in December 2012, which puts it more than a year away. As for when we'll see the trailer, it may be less than a month away...

Wood says he hasn’t seen the trailer yet but that he thinks it’ll debut in front of The Adventures of Tintin in the states. Tintin releases December 23rd. Assuming his information is accurate, fans of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit could be getting an early Christmas present in the form of a glimpse at the movie, after which they can resume counting down (by that point, less than a year) until it makes its big screen debut.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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