With the recent news that The Hobbit would be split into not two but three films, you'd think it would be an opportune time to release a new trailer, maybe giving us a hint of where each film will split off or some of the story that Peter Jackson will be adding to expand J.R.R. Tolkien's original novel. But instead, we've got this new domestic trailer that is very, very slightly different from the one we saw a few weeks ago. Take a look below and watch carefully for the differences.

Did you notice the differences? Alright, if you're not enough of a Tolkien super fan, the people at TheOneRing.net are, and they've outlined a cheat sheet to show you what's new, including new shots of Bilbo hiding behind a tree in Mirkwood and the entire crew of adventurers running through a forest. No, it's not a huge difference, but with the first installation of The Hobbit (learn more about An Unexpected Journey by clicking here) expected in December, it's probably another month or two before the promo campaign ramps up in full force.

Meanwhile, we can still debate amongst ourselves whether splitting two films into three was the right move, and just how Peter Jackson is going to pull off yet another ambitious trilogy, more than 10 years after Lord of the Rings defined his career. Click that link to join the debate as we wait patiently for An Unexpected Journey's December 14 release.

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