You may think that Peter Jackson has a leisurely 4 weeks to finish up The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey before its December 14 opening. But not so fast! The movie is having an early premiere in its homeland of New Zealand, on November 28-- which is next Wednesday. So even though the production is seriously getting down to the wire, Jackson and his crew still made the time to unleash one more video blog from behind the scenes, this time focusing, appropriately enough, on post-production.

Take a look below.

You can tell a bit of cabin fever has set in, as the crew adjust from working on the open plains of New Zealand and on elaborate sets and cram into tiny editing suites at the post-production facility. But even though there are no actors milling about or tours of the makeup department, you can get a really good look at the production on the computer screens, including a lot of characters who haven't been revealed in the trailers because-- hey!-- they don't even actually exist yet. That's the magic of CGI, everybody. And some of these scenes could easily not even appear until the second of third

Over the course of my Thanksgiving TV-viewing I've seen tons of ads for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which means we really are getting close to the release of a movie that-- let's be honest-- plenty of us never quite believed would happen. That is, if they finish the movie in time after all.

Will you be in line to see the first of the three Hobbit films on opening day? Let us know in the comments!

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