Hopper Drives King's Cadillac

I keep waiting for Dennis Hopper to have some sort of grand resurgence, but so far he’s just maintained doing bit roles on television shows and in trashy movies. It probably doesn’t help that he’s still batshit crazy, of course that’s always been part of his on screen charm.

Maybe this will be the one to do it. Production Weekly is reporting that Hopper is considering a starring role in a movie called Dolan’s Cadillac, based on a suspenseful Stephen King short story. Dennis would play James Dolan, a dark and untouchable mob boss in Las Vegas.

The movie is a revenge tale about a middle school science teacher named Tom Robinson whose wife witnesses a mob execution in the desert and is then herself murdered by Dolan, the guy behind the killing. Tom the school teacher becomes Tom the right hand of vengeance and sets out to get revenge against Dolan for his wife’s slaying.

Josh Tyler