We're getting to a point in Hollywood where no movie really seems safe from the remake possibilities - and that seems to be especially true for the horror genre. As such, we now have news that yet another scary classic is getting redone, with reports saying that a new version of Don't Look Now is currently in development.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news on this re-do, noting that the project is in the works from the folks over at Studio Canal. As of now, the project doesn't have any filmmakers attached, but evidently that is part of the strategy. Evidently the conpany wants to find the remake a studio home before they seek out writers to pen the movie.

Based on the short story of the same name by Daphne du Maurier (the famed author behind Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Rebecca), Don't Look Now tells the story of two parents, Christine and John Baxter, who are struck by tragedy when their young daughter accidentally drowns. Seeking an escape, they decide to take a trip to Venice, but it is there that the plot thickens. They wind up encountering a nun who claims to be a psychic, and she tells them not only that she is in contact with the dead daughter, but that they are in grave danger. Making matters worse, John is repeatedly catching fleeting glimpses at a tiny figure wearing a red coat similar to his deceased child's.

Filmmaker Nicolas Roeg directed the acclaimed 1973 version starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, and to this day the film is considered to have one of the most shocking endings in the horror genre. We can expect that the new remake will make some alterations to the story and have changes that differentiate it, but it would be criminal for them to alter the rather disturbing conclusion. If you haven't seen the movie, you might want to skip the video below, but if you're already aware of Don't Look Now's final scene, please feel free to relive the magic:

It would seem that the future of Don't Look Now all depends on Studio Canal getting a studio interested in remaking this classic, so until that happens don't expect to hear much news about the development of the project. That being said, given how much Hollywood loves to recycle its horror ideas, it may not be too long until this movie enters phase two.