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Hotel Transylvania Exclusive Blu-ray Clip Connects The Animation With The Actors

Hotel Transylvania was one of 2012's more entertaining animated films and certainly one of the year’s biggest animated box office successes. The film managed to beat box office records when it hit theaters in September, and now Hotel Transylvania is likely looking to repeat its success when it hits 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD tomorrow. To celebrate, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is sharing an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip with fans and those just wanting to see what Hotel Transylvania is all about.

The clip spotlights two of the performances in the film from Cee Lo Green and veteran comedian Jon Lovitz. Several of the producers also pop onscreen to talk about what each of the voice actors bring to the table. It doesn’t sound like the coolest behind-the-scenes clip ever, but thanks to a split screen device that shows Green and Lovitz working while their animated counterparts work it on another part of the screen, it’s a pretty great clip that shows us how voice work and animation come together.

If you liked the film, the Hotel Transylvania set might be right up your alley, coming with the movie, but also with a slew of bonus features that are a nice mix of fodder for animation lovers and their kids. The above clip is part of a longer piece that gets into the characteristics of even more of the voice actors and it is just one of many that give an insider look inside the film. Additionally, the set even features the “Goodnight Mr. Foot” short film, as well as a few deleted scenes that share even more backstory. If you liked what you saw in the clip, there is plenty more where that came from.

Jessica Rawden

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