The release of The Hunger Games last fall turned out to be a watershed moment for the "teaser for the trailer" movement, which has gone on to infect big sci-fi films and big superhero films and pretty much anything else that fans are excited enough about to watch over and over again. Now with this new teaser-for-the-teaser for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire the whole thing has come full circle over at MTV, where this latest snippet debuted.

What's kind of insane, though, is that in the 2 seconds she spends on screen, Jennifer Lawrence manages to tell us a whole lot about where we find her heroine Katniss at the beginning of the film. Fans of the book are well aware, of course, that Catching Fire finds Katniss and Peeta on their Victory Tour, shuttled from District to District to speak to the gathered masses who watched them win the Hunger Games-- and kill kids from those districts in the process. It's a brutal ceremony, especially for Katniss as she details with her own mounting hatred for the government of Panem, and inadvertently begins sparking a rebellion that will change her country forever.

Did you read all of that into Jennifer Lawrence's face? OK, maybe if you didn't read the book it's not all there. But fresh off her big Oscar win Lawrence remains an even better Katniss than many of us fans ever imagined, and our first glimpses of Catching Fire promise more hardcore intensity-- and ridiculous Capitol-designed costumes-- where that came from. Tune in to the MTV Movie Awards on April 14 to catch the full teaser, and of course, look for it here as soon as it goes online. You can click here for everything else we know so far about Catching Fire.

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