I Spit On Your Grave Remake Poster Promises To Offend All Over Again

I Spit On Your Grave was one of the most controversial movies of 1978. The horror film is and was notorious depictions of graphic violence and in particular gang rape. But it was the 70s, the world wasn’t run by lawyers and special interest groups looking to make a name for themselves. Just imagine if it was released in today’s environment of extreme sensitivity. Imagine no more, it’s being remade.

The new I Spit On Your Grave is headed for release this September and lest you think they’ll water it down to suit touchy modern audiences there’s this: The movie’s first poster.

The poster is an homage to the original Spit On Your Grave poster. It’s a promise, of sorts, that they’re staying true to the original film. Here’s the original, 1978 poster for comparison:

Since the poster says it’s unrated, and most theaters refuse to carry unrated films, I have a feeling this new I Spit On Your Grave may end up sin a limited release. But just in case it doesn’t, start planning your protest marches now. Or just watch the movie’s trailer:

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UPDATE! We've just been in contact with the film's marketing team, and they have confirmed that it will hit theaters (probably smaller venues) on October 8.

Josh Tyler