INXS Singer Michael Hutchence Getting Two Biopics

When attempting to run down the list of worthy Australians who deserve a biopic, ignorance for the continent’s history means my charts is short. The Wiggles. Paul Hogan. Steve Irwin. Yahoo Serious. Then probably Michael Hutchence, late lead singer of the indie-rock outfit INXS who died more interestingly than he lived.

That’s probably why rival producers are firing up two different biopics, after years of unsuccessful efforts to get a Hutchence movie together, Deadline reports. Hutchence, as you may or may not know, died of asphyxiation in a hotel room in Sydney. Rumors swirled around the mysterious events that occurred prior to his death, but by most accounts, it was a suicide, as those who spoke with Hutchence right before he died said he was depressed and crying.

A proper bio likely will cover the formation of the band INXS, which had massive global pop hits with the songs "Never Tear Us Apart," "Need You Tonight," Devil Inside," "New Sensation" and more. Hutchence’s tragic end likely is what’s causing producers to explore the biopics, though. According to Deadline, one team is made up of producers Ray Field and Suzy Markovski, who will be basing their movie, Two Worlds Colliding, on the book Just a Man – The Real Michael Hutchence. Meanwhile, the rival production will be pushed by producer Sue Murray and director Richard Lowenstein, who worked with Hutchence on the 1986 movie Dogs In Space. The second feature has received support for script development by Screen Australia. There are no announced release dates on either film.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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