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Images From Rosario Dawson's Rape Movie

Rosario Dawson has a new movie coming out in August, and since it’s named Descent and thus easily confused with the 2005 horror movie The Descent, it’s sort of become known as Rosario Dawson’s rape movie. The reasons are obvious, in the movie Rosario Dawson plays a woman who gets raped, and the sensationalistic gossip rags can sell that. So can we, but the difference between us and them is we feel bad about it.

In reality the movie seems to be taking a page from the Jennifer Lopez movie Enough. Rosario plays a college student violated by a cliché college frat boy. Rather than crying in a corner somewhere and ruining her makeup, she decides to take back control and get some serious, hardcore revenge. It’s not just a rape movie, it’s a rape-revenge movie.

We’ve just received a stack of new photos from the film. They’re gritty, they’re grainy, and they’re raw. I wish I knew what to expect from this movie. It’s either low budget exploitation or a risky, worthwhile movie which a Hollywood actress believed in enough to go all the way with. Check out the pictures and poster below, or see them in high-res here, then let us know what you think: