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One of the great things about Christopher Nolan’s movies is that whatever he dreams up is almost certainly better than anything you can imagine. Until recently Inception was shrouded in secrecy and we knew almost nothing about it. Now a large part of the curtain has been pulled back and we know the framework of what it’s about… and it only seems even more awesome.

The more we see of Inception the better it looks. That’s even true of the movie’s posters. Here’s the latest batch, a group of character posters debuted by Moviefone and they’re incrementally more incredible than any previous one sheet.

Each poster introduces a character and gives him a job title. DiCaprio is The Extractor, Joseph Gordon Levitt is The Point Man, Ken Watanabe is The Tourist, and so on. Even these titles are likely to make potential moviegoers question the nature of the film. For instance if Cillian Murphy is The Mark does that mean he’s the person whose dreams they’re invading? Or is that The Architect, whose poster shows a woman apparently dreaming the maze-like Inception city? Check out all seven character posters below and start asking more questions.

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