It might not be making Dark Knight money, but Christopher Nolan's got to be mighty pleased with how well Inception is going. After topping the stateside box office for three straight weeks, grossing more than $220 million in the process, Inception continues to dominate the overseas market.

Variety reports that Inception posted $55 million over the July 31st-August 1st weekend, raising its international totals to over $171 million. The film debuted at number one in Germany, topping Pixar's Toy Story 3, and is on top for the second straight week in Australia and France.

The film has yet to open in a few key markets, including Spain and Brazil, which should only add to $477 million the pic has already earned. For a smart, intellectual sci fi film, that's pretty damn impressive. Well done Mr. Nolan, well done. Now, when's Batman 3 coming out?

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