Almost all of the promotional materials leading up to Sir Ridley Scott’s Prometheus have suggested a slow-burn sci-fi drama, a journey to the deepest, darkest corners of our universe to potentially discover the moment of our existence’s creation. It’s epic scope suggests a summer blockbuster, but Prometheus, up to this point, has been light on action and carnage. Until now.

An international poster for Scott’s Alien prequel (I’m still sticking to the notion that this will be an Alien prequel) has been posted to Facebook. We have it for you below:

As you can see, the film’s astronauts – played by Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender – will face some hostility on whichever alien planet they encounter. And something’s going to erupt in a massive fireball, putting our protagonists’ lives in danger. Did they have to go with this obviously photoshopped image for a poster when virtually every freeze frame from the Prometheus trailers are works of art in their own right? No. But this poster works to convey a message to mainstream moviegoers that, yes, there will be explosions in this movie. So even though Scott’s going to make you contemplate your place in this world, things go boom, as well.

Prometheus is the name of the ship that carries Scott’s characters on their tragic mission. Will it answer the mystery of the Space Jockey, and seamlessly plug in to Alien mythology? We’ll see when the movie opens everywhere on June 8.

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