New Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed At Comic Con

Did you really think Tony Stark wouldn't give himself an upgrade for his third movie? Iron Man 3 is in production now in North Carolina, but the folks at Marvel managed to lend out the latest Iron Man armor to make for an excellent Comic Con surprise. This morning the latest suit debuted on the convention floor, and you can take a look at it up close and personal in the photo gallery below.

Of course, all we can tell right now are the cosmetic changes-- it's more gold than red, it's got some strange vents that look like abs on the front, not to mention some seriously 80s style shoulder pads. But I'm betting at this afternoon's Marvel panel we'll get to see this new suit in action, and maybe learn a little more about what Tony Stark can make it do. As you see, the exhibit behind the new armor shows of all previous editions of the Iron Man suit-- for a much more detailed look at that, go here. And for all the details from tonight's Marvel panel, keep an eye out for our liveblog, which will bring all the news to you as soon as we hear it!

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend