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Have you ever fancied seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a tussle with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger? Of course you have. Unfortunately, the fact that there’s only one version of the Austrian behemoth means that seeing that battle in the flesh was always going to be slightly unlikely. But the good folks in charge of Terminator: Genisys weren't going to miss the opportunity to have Arnie fighting Arnie, and the latest clip for the blockbuster shows us just that.
Boom! How can you not be excited about that? Not only do we get to see 1984’s Arnold Schwarzenegger launch at his more elderly counterpart with gusto, but we also get to see Genisys’ Arnie smashing him in the head with a large object. Plus, this TV spot also informs us that it’s taking part on a bridge, which must mean that at least one of them will be flung from it. And that’s surely only the beginning, because we can expect their fight to be the cornerstone of the impending blockbuster, while it’s also set to have lasting implications for the franchise’s future and its past.

The latest clip for Terminator: Genisys hammers home the notion that rather than having a bit part in the film like he did in Terminator Salvation, Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be front and center alongside the film’s impressive ensemble of Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Lee Byung-hun, Matt Smith and Oscar inner J.K. Simmons. Which is a huge relief to Terminator fans across the globe, because, let’s face it, a Terminator film that only features a brief appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger is simply a huge waste of everyone’s time. Even if he is showing off his 67-years more than ever.

Terminator: Genisys reportedly will start off in the year 2029, where Jason Clarke’s John Connor is leading the war against the machines as the head of the human resistance. After being informed that Skynet plans to attack him from both the past and the future, Connor decides to send back Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) to save his mother’s life. Sounds familiar. But when he arrives in the past, he realizes that it has changed because the resistance had previously sent a Terminator back to kill Sarah Connor as a child. Meanwhile, a human-cyborg John Connor has also been compromised and sent back to kill his mother, Kyle Reese and the T-800. Are you still following along?

In all honesty, it all sounds a little hectic, but still with the potential to be a whole lot of fun. That’s just as long as Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier’s script has been tightly plotted, and director Alan Taylor manages to inject a pace and structure to the blockbuster that doesn’t allow it to go off the rails. I’m still not entirely convinced that won't happen though. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong on July 1.

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