Jackie Chan And Chris Tucker Are Together Forever

Even though everyone has pretty much forgotten that Rush Hour 3 ever came out, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker aren’t done with their partnership. Wisely, they’re not planning to revisit the franchise that made them famous as a duo, but apparently have something totally new up their collective sleeve.

Doing interviews for The Forbidden Kingdom, in which he teams up with fellow martial arts legend Jet Li, Jackie Chan said he and Chris Tucker have spoken recently about pairing up again on the big screen. “We sat down and decided we want to do another movie. Not a Rush Hour -- something new,” he told MTV Movies. He didn’t give any more details on the plot, which only furthers the impression that he and Chris Tucker sat down, drank some beers, grilled some chicken and decided to make a movie. That’s how it works in Hollywood, right?

Chan also took an opportunity to complain about the long delays between Rush Hour movies—“It’s too long!” he said—which means this team-up may not be something we have to look forward to for very long. Chan has even admitted that the two need a third party to get things moving along this time. “I said [to Tucker]: ‘Look, we need a middleman. I don’t want to shake hands, then I go back to Hong Kong and you stay here, I get busy and you get busy,’ ” he recalled. ‘You have to have somebody in the middle to follow up, otherwise it will never happen.” Way to follow through, Jackie!

Is it a good idea for Tucker and Chan to continue making movies as a duo, reliving their Rush Hour glory? Hard to tell yet. If Forbidden Kingdom is a hit it could mean that people just want more Chan, or it could also mean that he can make it OK on his own without Tucker. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it won’t be another Rush Hour, and if Brett Ratner doesn’t get involved, this whole thing could actually have some potential.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend