James Franco's Future World Just Added 2 Huge Stars

James Franco is one of those multi-faceted stars that can do pretty much anything. As a writer / director / actor, Franco has dabbled in each of those three pools of talent, and to varying degrees of success. In the case of Future World, James Franco will be hitting all three posts, and he'll be doing so with a cast that includes Lucy Liu and Snoop Dogg in its ranks.

The casting news came down today from a report in The Hollywood Reporter, which informed of the latest round of casting for Future World's effective ensemble. Also along for the ride are cast members Milla Jovovich, Method Man, and Suki Waterhouse – just to name a few. With a cast like that, the story to Future World ought to be just as different and daring. Sure enough the film sounds like it's right in that weird wheelhouse Franco loves to occupy, as the following synopsis was released:

[Future World] follows young Prince from the Oasis and a robot as they go on a daring journey of self-discovery through the violent and desolate world of the Wastelands.

Of course, Future World's concept sounds like it's a perfect Franco project partially due to the fact that he wrote the short story that the film's script is based off of. Though if you want to go back a little further in sci-fi history, the story to the film sounds vaugely similar to Harlan Ellison's A Boy And His Dog. But, of course, the concept sounds different enough that the threat of legal action from Ellison's sometimes vengeful hand doesn't seem like a likelyhood. Still, with a story promising post-apocalyptic fun across a wide swath of The Wastelands, there's probably plenty of room for colorful, original characters that'll compliment Prince and his robot's quest.

With Lucy Liu and Snoop Dogg both in the cast of Future World, the role of the main robot counterpart serving young Prince could be played by either cast member to great effect. Strangely enough, Liu has had some experience as a robot, as she guest starred in an episode of Futurama which saw her personality downloaded into clone-bots that took her likeness. Of course, Snoop Dogg's charisma and notoriety alone could also make him a perfect fit for said robot's role, especially considering we've not envisioned a film that has expository narration similar to that of Snoop Dogg's treatment of Planet Earth.

Future World is pretty early on in its production cycle, so as soon as we hear anything new, we'll update you as soon as it hits. In the meantime, you can see James Franco doing his multi-hyphenate magic in The Masterpiece, formerly known as The Disaster Artist, when it opens on at some point later this year.

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