James McAvoy Could Not Be More Drugged Up And Depraved In New Filth Trailer

You watch a movie like Trainspotting and you think to yourself, “Well that didn’t exactly capture Irvine Welsh’s novel, but it’s probably as close to adapting Welsh’s insane storytelling style as any film will ever get.” And then Filth reared its coke-nosed, booze-breathed, chokefucked head, shattering all former beliefs.

The second official trailer for Jon S. Baird’s Filth somehow packs more text in than the first trailer and teaser combined (and just barely hints at a plotline), using a plethora of buzz words to make its case. “Sick, Twisted, Sexy, Depraved, Bizarre, Warped, Dirty, Wild, Dark, Shocking, Weird, Obscene, Controversial, Psychotic, Kinky, Outrageous, Offensive, Disgusting, Insane.” And I might be missing one or two. That’s a lot of ways to describe a film and lead character that probably can’t live up to everything. However, it looks like Baird and leading man James McAvoy (with a script co-written by Baird and Welsh) have tried their damnedest to create something so over-the-top that it gets lost in outer space.

In the film, McAvoy plays Bruce Robertson, a deviant and corrupt cop who spends his days binging on hard liquor and harder drugs, stuffing the hardest parts of his body into the loosest women around. All while ruthlessly scheming against his fellow officers in order to secure a promotion. If it’s like the book, there’s a murder involved, although the plot doesn’t revolve around that so much as it imbibes on every any intoxicant around it.

As Bruce’s filthy habits and depraved sex life begin to implode, his secretive past comes out and things somehow get even more out of control. I mean seriously, is this his tapeworm we’re looking at? Is there an actual tapeworm scene? And will it be as horrifying as that damned baby on the ceiling from Trainspotting?


I don’t understand why McAvoy doesn’t just constantly play off-the-cuff roles like this all the time, as he seems perfect for it. (I said the same thing of Ewan McGregor many years ago, and I stick by it.) He makes flipping a kid off with both hands after releasing his balloon look downright enjoyable.

Filth co-stars Jamie Bell as Bruce’s partner and friend, along with a crazy-haired Jim Broadbent, Imogen Poots, Martin Compston, and Eddie Marsan, who makes it clear he knows how to have a good time after being roofied.

While there’s no release date set yet for the U.S., it opens in Scotland – birthplace of Welsh, Baird and McAvoy – on September 27. Need a little more? Check out the film’s first trailer below. And wash your hands afterward, won’t you?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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