We've been waiting a good long while for Danny Boyle's Trance. While the British filmmakers last movie, 127 Hours, only came out in 2010, he began talking about it all the way back in May of 2011, before he started his work on the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games. But with the film close to completion and confirmed for a March 2013 release date in the UK, we should soon start seeing a lot more from the movie - and that starts with the first official images.

USA Today has published the first pictures from the heist thriller, including three stills and one behind-the-scenes look at Boyle making the movie. The shots give us our first look at Rosario Dawson, James McAvoy and Vincent Cassell in their respective roles, and you can check out all of them below (and head over to the source to see them in their highest resolution).

Partially based on a 2001 British TV movie with the same title, the story follows a fine-art auctioneer (McAvoy) who is working with a group of professional theives (led by Vincent Cassell) to steal a valuable work of art. When he is struck with a case of amnesia, however, and the painting is lost, he turns to a hypnotherapist (Dawson) to try and rediscover the lost treasure. While the film will be out early next year over in Europe, Fox Searchlight Pictures has not yet said where they will be putting the thriller on the release calendar. Given the amount of success Boyle has had during award season, don't be too surprised if we have to wait a little while for Trance.

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