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Boy, if there was ever a story titled, “The Most Successful Child Star Ever”... it would probably be about Ron Howard. But somewhere in there, Jason Bateman would be mentioned. And the Arrested Development workhorse has added yet another film to his upcoming roster, and it’s an intriguing one.

Deadline reports Bateman will star in Game Night, an ensemble comedy filled with couples whose regular game night turns into a murder mystery, and shit gets real. The film was picked up by New Line Cinema as a pitch from screenwriter Mark Perez, the man who graced audiences with The Country Bears, Herbie Fully Loaded and Accepted. He’s also recently sold two scripts to Sony and Happy Madison, both of which are currently in development. None of those are ensemble comedies, and can barely be considered comedies in the first place, but his script will at least be in good hands.

Aggregate Films, which is owned by Jim Garavente and Bateman himself, will be producing the film. The company is also responsible for the upcoming comedy Identity Theft, starring Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, as well as Bad Words, the upcoming spelling bee revenge flick that Bateman just finished filming. That's quite a beginning for such a young company - just look at all the Batemans in that sentence!

Despite the varied quality of writing in many of the films Bateman is in, he’s the resident champion of keeping things locked into reality as the plots get hectic, so having his own company to keep him in the leading man role will class up the comedy world for the next few years. And if he wanted to just keep making Arrested Development for the next twenty years, that’d be cool as well. Have your eyes follow the swinging of my watch, Jason. You are feeling more relaxed now. Your name is Michael Bluth...