Though he is currently in the process of filming a movie, Oscar-nominated writer/director Jason Reitman is apparently wasting no time in finding his next project. He currently is attached to adapt The Possibilities, the upcoming second novel from Kaui Hart Hemmings, whose 2011 debut The Descendants was turned into the awards-friendly drama from Alexander Payne. Darkly comedic drama is something Reitman has a knack for, and this sounds like it could be in the same vein, albeit with more mourning involved.

The Possibilities, which won’t be coming out until May 13 from Simon & Schuster, takes place in the ski resort town of Breckinridge, Colorado, the site of an avalanche that killed 21-year-old Cully St. John. Three months later, his mother Sarah is still understandably unable to move on with her life, with advice coming from friends and family. Just when the bulk of the emotional weight is starting to rise, Sarah gets a visit from a young woman who is pregnant with Sully’s child, and lives are changed forever. It’s hard to see where any amount of humor would show up in this narrative, but the most tragic events can often lead to a wild hysteria where emotions are completely untethered.

Reitman has written three of his five features, so it’ll be interesting to see if he’d also take on screenwriting duties, or if he’d choose to reteam with Diablo Cody, who won Juno’s only Oscar. Oddly enough, the only Oscar The Descendants earned was for its screenplay, written by Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. I’m sure Reitman will give that some thought.

He will still be a part of the pic whether or not he ends up writing or directing, as THR reported his production company Right of Way Films joined with Indian Paintbrush in acquiring the rights to the novel, and both will be producing. The two companies have partnered up on Reitman’s Young Adult and his upcoming drama Labor Day.

Reitman is currently filming the comedy Men, Women and Children, based on the 2011 novel from Chad Kutgen and starring Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson and Jennifer Garner. That film doesn’t yet have a release date, so there’s no telling when any work would begin on The Possibilities should he stay on. You’ll be able to catch Labor Day really soon, as it hits theaters on January 31. Check out that trailer below and check out Hemmings’ short story collection House of Thieves for several more stark slices of life.

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