Jean Claude Van Damme is still working on that comeback. This time he’s getting help from director Russell Mulcahy.

THR says JCVD will face off against Vinnie Jones in a Mulcahy movie called Weapon. In it, they’ll play rival assassins. The film’s plot description seems to boil down mostly to their choice of killing instrument. Vinnie is a master sharpshooter and Van Damme is particularly fond of using a knife.

Mulcahy used to know a thing or two about mano a mano action movies. He’s probably best known for directing Highlander back in 1986. Unfortunately he also directed Highlander II: The Quickening, and my love of The Shadow aside, Russell’s career went missing in action. He’s seen a resurgence in recent years. In 2007 he directed the mildly successful sequel Resident Evil: Extinction and his upcoming movie Give em’ Hell, Malone with Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames is getting some positive buzz. Whether doing a JCVD movie is a step up, or a step down from there, I leave for you to judge.

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