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Jessica Chastain And Guillermo del Toro Take You Behind The Scenes Of Mama

We’re getting closer to the release date of the new supernatural horror film Mama, and Universal has prepped an informative clip with producer Guillermo Del Toro to help catch unfamiliar audience members up to the movie’s intent.

It was posted to Apple’s Trailer page, but we’ve got it for you right here:

Del Toro has been so busy promoting Mama that you might be fooled into thinking that the Hellboy director is actually in the director’s chair for this one. He’s not, though he supports filmmaker Andrés Muschietti and backs his vision, as is expressed in the featurette. We know that Mama started as a short film about two young sisters who are preparing for their mother’s return, even though – according to the short – they’re largely terrified by the “presence” that comes back to their home.

The feature-length version of the story will explain that the two girls have been lost in the woods for an extended amount of time, discovered as feral children, and handed over to distant relatives (played by Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). All the girls seem to say is “Mama,” and the audience will be horrified to learn why this is the case.

The clip actually features a decent amount of new footage, and still manages to be creepy as hell. Del Toro has an excellent eye for horror projects, having directed The Devil’s Backbone and helping to produce J.A. Bayona’s outstanding The Orphanage. And when he says that Mama is about “human emotion” in addition to being a monster movie, we believe him. The movie opens in theaters on January 18.

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