Next summer God will force Steve Carell to give up his job as a news anchor in order to build an ark, and now Jesus is calling radio shows. The big guy and his kid seem to have a thing for the media.

The Hollywood Reporter says Jesus on Line Four, Bob Comfort's "punky" script about Jesus regularly calling a contemporary shock jock on the air, is headed for production under the direction of Richard Davenport. This will be Davenport's directorial debut. Till now he's worked primarily as a visual effects artist on movies like Elf, X2, and The Fifth Element. I'm not sure how that translates to a movie like this, the concept doesn't make it sound like something that calls for much effects wizardry.

I hope Davenport's up to the task, because if the script is any good the concept has legs. Can we cast Howard Stern as the shock jock? He's great at playing himself.

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