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It's just now occurring to me, looking at the new poster that popped up at Moviehole, that Mr. Popper's Penguins will be reuniting Jim Carrey with wild animals for the first time since the Ace Ventura movies. Does that mean the family film, hitting theaters June 17, will be as raunchy and ridiculous as the comedies I remember so fondly from my childhood? Eh, probably not. But it's at least got to be a good sign, especially with the penguin tugging on Carrey's ear in the poster in a way that reminds of the man's elastic, insanely expressive face. We haven't seen much of it lately, but I see no reason not to hope Penguins could be a return to form.

Check out the poster below and see if you're sharing my slight enthusiasm. One more thing to keep in mind: it's directed by Mark Waters, who blessed the world with Mean Girls and the Freaky Friday remake. He gives us the good kind of bubblegum, and I'm hoping that's what we'll get here.