It's strange to think that we haven't seen Jim Carrey in a live action role in two years. Things, of course, would be different if I Love You, Phillip Morris was ever released, but, as it stands, Yes Man was the last time we saw the classic rubber-faced comedian (no, Mr. Zemeckis, motion capture doesn't count). Needless to say, it's been far too long, but it's a problem that the actor is rectifying.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Carrey has officially signed on to star in Mr. Popper's Penguins, as was rumored back in late June. Carrey will play the titular character, a business man whose life suddenly and radically changes when he receives six penguins in the mail. Mark Waters will direct the film, which will begin shooting this fall.

The last actor rumored for the part was Ben Stiller, but, frankly, Carrey is a much better fit. Stiller would probably just get all grumpy about the penguins ruining his life whereas I can see the former Ace Ventura having a bit more fun with it. It's almost certainly not going to be a cinematic masterpiece, but it would be nice to see Carrey in a funny movie again.

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