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Jim Carrey In Talks To Join Steve Carell In Burt Wonderstone

Jim Carrey and Steve Carell may not have shared a scene in the season finale of The Office earlier this year, but it's becoming easier and easier to see them in movies together. In addition to staring as antagonists in Bruce Almighty, both comedians lent their voices to the animated adaptation of Horton Hears A Who. But apparently the two can't get enough of each other, as they have may just added another title to their joint resume.

Deadline reports that Carrey is now in talks to star in Burt Wonderstone, the new magician comedy that features Carell as the title star. Directed by Don Scardino, whose long list of TV credits include episodes of Law & Order, 30 Rock and Royal Pains, the movie is about a Las Vegas magician (Carrell) who decides to abandon his long-time partner and begin a solo act. He runs into problems, however, when a "hip street magician" begins to upstage him. Carrey's potential role in the film is unspecified.

My fingers are crossed that Carrey will end up playing the rival part. Not only would it give him a chance to really ham it up, as we all love to see him do, but it would allow him to have a solid amount of interaction with Carell, which would be a huge plus. If Carrey ends up playing the ex-partner or another role, however, what actor would you like to see as the antagonist? Much as I don't like to see actors type cast, I would love to see the role go to Will Arnett, if not only because I want to hear him say "Illusions" at least once more.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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