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Joaquin Phoenix Attached To Foot Fetish Dramedy Big Shoe

The Casey Affleck documentary I'm Still Here is out in limited release today and reminding people that Oscar nominated Joaquin Phoenix decided to quit his acting career in favor of becoming a hip hop artist. Critics and audiences have debated about the authenticity to Phoenix's mental break, but it now looks as though one thing is certainly fake: he has not left acting for good.

THR has researched the so-called "retirement" and discovered that Phoenix has been getting offers for movie roles and is currently attached to a project called titled Big Shoe in which he will play a footware designer that has an intense foot and shoe fetish. The script has been described as being "out there but cool" and blends the line between comedy and drama. Steven Shainberg, best known for the 2002 Maggie Gyllenhaal film Secretary, will direct.

But the project isn't the only one that Phoenix has been rumored for since growing a beard and acting all nutter butters. According to the article, Phoenix was at one point attached to play Edgar Allan Poe in the role that eventually went to John Cusack; Tom Wolfe in a biopic about literary editor Max Perkins called Genius; and a drug dealer in the Jonah Hill comedy The Sitter.

It isn't explained why Phoenix eventually turned down the roles, but THR postulates that it was because of "his complicated relationship with the craft of acting." It all, of course, depends on whether or not the events in I'm Still Here are real, but that's something we may never know.

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