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The Beaver just won’t go away. It’s one of the most bizarre projects currently circling around Hollywood. It’s an entire film about a grown man who wears a beaver puppet on his hand and thinks it’s a real person. At first Steve Carrell was supposed to be the puppet whisperer, then it was Jim Carrey and now… Mel Gibson?

THR says that Mel is in talks to star and Jodie Foster in negotiations to direct. It’s 1994 all over again. Which reminds me, Maverick really deserved a sequel. Ditch this puppet movie and get on that will you? Apparently they’re more interested in taking Lars and the Real Girl and doing better. Not a difficult task, one which sadly, could probably be considered accomplished if more than ten people see The Beaver.

Gibson has been fairly absent from the acting scene for quite awhile now. A comeback is in the works though with this and two other films already in the Hollywood pipeline for him. As a way to regain your status as a major player The Beaver isn’t exactly the most conventional choice, but damn it’s a ballsy one. You’ve got to love Mel for going out on a limb with something as weird as this.

Normally it’s only Nic Cage who does weird shit like this, in between doing the awful shit he spends most of his time doing. The Beaver could be Mel Gibson’s Adaptation, assuming Jodie Foster can really direct. I guess whether you think she can depends on how you feel about Little Man Tate. Generally I make it a point not to feel anything for movies with posters featuring people hugging. I refuse to be manipulated into being warm and fuzzy by a one sheet.