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Alongside Wes Craven, John Carpenter was the king of 80s horror. With films like The Thing, Christine, and The Fog, he was among the untouchables in Hollywood. In recent years, however, Carpenter's productivity and quality has slipped, producing only one feature, Ghosts of Mars, in the last decade. Now he's back and ready to conquer the horror world again.

Regal Literary has announced, via press release, that John Carpenter will direct Fangland, a vampire film starring Oscar winner Hilary Swank. Based on the John Marks novel of the same name, Swank will play Evangeline Harker, a producer on a 60 Minutes-esque show, who travels to Transylvania to do a story on a Romanian gangster. While there, she discovers a monstrous secret and is abducted. Months later, she is found recuperating in a monastery with no memory of what happened. But after she returns to New York, strange occurrences begin that nobody can explain.

If the name "Harker" looks familiar, it means you are likely a fan of Bram Stoker's greatest work. Marks' novel is a re-imagined version of the classic Dracula tale and is even written in the same fashion (using diary entries, letters and articles rather than prose). Carpenter is already scheduled for his comeback later this summer when The Ward is released in September, but perhaps this news means that he's back for good.

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