The Identity Thief, the new comedy from director Seth Gordon, isn't exactly lacking in comedic talent as it is. Already set to star Jason Bateman, the script was changed last summer after the release of Bridesmaids just so that the central antagonist of the film could be played by the Oscar-nominated Melissa McCarthy. To be honest, if the movie were to only have those two actors in it it would guarantee that I would buy a ticket, but now they are just sweetening the deal.

Following news from late last month that Amanda Peet had signed on for a part in the project, THR says that John Cho and Clark Duke have both accepted roles in the comedy as well. Based on a script by Steve Conrad and Craig Mazin, the movie is about an ordinary man (played by Bateman) who gets royally screwed over when his identity is stolen by a "mess of a woman" (McCarthy). Cho, who is best known for playing one of the two leads in the Harold and Kumar franchise, will play an investment executive who is very interested in having Bateman's character join a new firm that he is starting. In a strange step away from the plot, Duke will portray "an Eagle Scout who, along with his buddies, is on a secret revenge mission to find the man who bilked him." How that actually fits into the main story isn't exactly clear.

Duke will next be seen in the dramedy A.C.O.D. with Adam Scott and Mary Elizabeth Winstead while Cho has a small role in Len Wiseman's remake of Total Recall, which is due out this summer.

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