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Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father has encountered a handful of obstacles during pre-production. It’s about to hit another one that could officially knock the Mafia movie off of its track.

John Travolta, who was scheduled to play the late John Gotti in a criminal biopic, is electing to do Killing Season alongside Robert De Niro as his next project. The action thriller set in the Appalachian Mountains would be directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider, Daredevil) and star De Niro as a military veteran living in isolation who is visited by a European tourist (Travolta) with ulterior motives. Evan Daugherty, whose credits include Kristen Stewart’s Snow White and the Huntsman, penned the Killing Season script.

“I’ve loved this project from the moment I read Evan Daughterty’s remarkable script,” said Corsan CEO Paul Breuls. “It’s thrilling, imaginative, unexpected and dominated by two extraordinary characters on a collision course.”

What does that mean for Gotti? It can’t be good. We reported weeks ago that the picture had been put on hold. That delay is about to expand. According to a release, Season will go into production in January, which is when Gotti was penciled in to start.

I spent far too much time while writing this story trying to figure out the last movie Travolta did with De Niro. The answer is. They haven’t shared the screen before. I think my brain is marrying Pulp Fiction with Jackie Brown. So now I’m even more interested in Season, if the script’s powerful enough to lure these two powerhouses.