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Did you know Donald Trump wrote a book? If you’ve heard the man speak for any length of time, you probably do, as he brings this fact up approximately every minute and a half. But did you also know they made a TV movie based on Trump's book, The Art of the Deal? Ok, that last part isn’t entirely true. There’s isn’t a real movie based on the book, but there is a spoof and it’s hilarious, and mildly terrifying.

The team over at Funny or Die has put together The Art of the Deal as a 1980’s style movie of the week, complete with ridiculous rock theme song and introduction by Ron Howard. Howard, claims the movie was set to be aired on television in 1988 before being pre-empted for Monday Night Football, a show that aired every week. The film, which is nearly an hour in length, is already utterly bizarre before you get five minutes in and discover that Donald Trump is being played by Johnny Depp. As is not unusual, Depp has transformed himself for this role. Although his makeup job as Trump is intentionally weak, he doesn’t look anything like himself. What makes the entire thing completely nuts is that it’s presented as a film that Trump made about himself and you get the impression that if Trump actually did have a movie made, it would sound exactly like this.

The set up for the movie feels like it’s stolen from Johnny Dangerously or a million other '80s movies. A kid is trying to steal a copy of The Art of the Deal, which he can’t find because stores are all sold out, when he runs into the real Donald Trump. The rest of the film is set up as Trump explaining his life story to the child.

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He tries to buy the Taj Mahal casino from Merv Griffin (Patton Oswalt), attempts to bully the NFL and gets sued for discrimination. All actual events in the life of Donald Trump. What’s utterly amazing about this short film is that it’s actually a film. While this joke would have been funny as a parody movie trailer, they put the time and effort in to make a real movie. And it’s absolutely mesmerizing. You can’t help but keep watching it. Although, it does get a little out there when the movie discusses Trump’s marriage to Ivana, which for some reason was attended by TV’s Alf.

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The rest of the cast includes such greats as Henry Winkler, Alfred Molina, and Kristen Schaal. The entire thing is a fever dream but one that needs to be seen to be believed, so click here to watch it in full. We can’t wait for the sequel.