Johnny Knoxville And Andy Samberg Shortlisted For The Three Stooges

Last month, a story came out about the Farrelly brother's Three Stooges movie that finally made sense. After months of juggling names like Jim Carrey, Benicio del Toro and Sean Penn, the brothers decided to wipe the slate clean and instead start the search for amateurs who could do the roles justice. It made sense, as any major actor playing Larry, Moe and Curly would be recognized as being a name first. Sadly, it looks like they're now going a different direction.

The Wrap reports that Johnny Knoxville, Andy Samberg, and the lesser-known Australian actor Shane Jacobson are on a shortlist of players being considered for Moe, Larry and Curly respectively. The current plan is to start shooting this March, meaning that the brothers and 20th Century Fox have a lot of work to do jammed into a short three month span. When reviewing the script for the project last year, our own Josh Tyler said that the "script is Stooges through and through. It has all the right rhythms, the right gags, the right amount of gratuitous violence." The story sees the three brothers dumped into an orphanage at a young age and quickly grow up and have a series of misadventures.

While I would still prefer seeing amateurs playing the roles, at least these actors look a little bit more like the parts they will be playing. Shave off the top of Samberg's hair and he looks a great deal more like Larry than Sean Penn would, and Jacobson would only need to shave his head and goatee and not put on the weight that Carrey would have had to (plus, the above picture of Knoxville says plenty). After a long time in development, we may get a Three Stooges movie after all.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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