Johnny Simmons Cast In 21 Jump Street And The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

If there's been a problem with the casting of 21 Jump Street thus far (outside of the fact that they're convinced Channing Tatum was a good choice) it's been that the actors don't look like they can blend in to a high school. The film's plot is meant to revolve around a special team of young-looking cops that can pretend to be teenagers, but most of the cast would be outed after taking two steps through the front door. Finally they've found someone who doesn't look his age.

Variety reports that Johnny Simmons - best known to fans as Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - has been added the Phil Lord and Chris Miller-directed adaptation of 21 Jump Street. The article doesn't specify what role Simmons will be playing, but considering his youthful looks one can imagine that he will be playing one of the special police officers. In addition to the part, Simmons has also joined the cast of The Perks of Being A Wallflower, where he will also presumably be playing a high school student, and has been confirmed for The Hand Job, as previously reported.

Before this casting I was wondering if Lord and Miller would be winking at the audience while sending a team of way-too-old cops into a high school to blend in, but the addition of Simmons kind of ruins that. Maybe they have some super, incredible make-up and special effects that they're going to use. Only time will tell.

Eric Eisenberg
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