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Josh Brolin And Miles Teller To Take On Wildfires In New Biopic

While both Josh Brolin and Miles Teller have been active in their own corners of the Marvel movie game, the two have never had a role in the same film. That's about to change, though not in the way you'd expect, as the two actors have been cast in the dramatic firefighting biopic, No Exit.

The subject of No Exit's focus is that of an historic group of Arizona firefighters known as "The Granite Mountain Hotshots." According to Variety, their claim to fame in the history books is a sad one, as their 20 member team fought what would eventually become known as the Yarnell Hill Fire back in 2013. The wildfire claimed the lives of all but one firefighter in the Granite Mountain Hotshot's ranks, and was recorded as the greatest loss of firefighters since September 11, 2001, as well as the greatest incident of firefighter fatalities in a wildfire since 1933. No Exit will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, who's best known for Tron: Legacy and Oblivion.

Now the plot to No Exit might sound a little to familiar to Josh Brolin and his fans, as Brolin previously starred in last September's mountain climbing epic Everest, which also saw him in a star-packed ensemble doomed to their fates. If anything, it's a good bet that the cast for Joseph Kosinski's latest will mimic the same pattern as Everest, seeking to fill the roster of 20 firefighters with talented cast members of varying degrees of visibility in show-business. Which means that Miles Teller just might have another chance to shine his best talents for all to see.

While Miles Teller has had both Fantastic Four and The Divergent Series to keep up with in his career, the Whiplash actor has been beefing up his dramatic resume as well. With the recently re-titled War Dogs, formerly known as Arms and the Dudes, as well as his participation in Thank You For Your Service, Teller is continuing to make a big splash in the world of dramatic film. No Exit just solidifies that pattern very well, ensuring that once his tenure in The Divergent Series has come to an end, he'll have plenty of other projects to keep himself busy.

The possibility of Josh Brolin and Miles Teller working together on No Exit's real life drama is one that intrigues us to no end. If either one of them had signed on to the project on their own, we'd still have been interested; but now that the two of them are in the mix, the combination of their talents promises some intense, dramatic thrills. The project currently has no production start date, but as soon as we hear any further developments, you'll be the first to hear!

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